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AFFLUX Solutions is a clean technology company that develops and markets Energy Efficient solutions. We work with customers to reduce costs, reduce carbon and help to preserve the earth for future generations.!

AFFLUX Solutions is Customer focused and committed to provide low power energy solutions. Registered in 2011 under the Companies Ordinance 1984 of Pakistan. We are renewable energy solutions company with not just focusing on generating energy but also our targets are to bring energy efficient products.

We are trying and putting our energies to develop efficient solar, wind, bio gas and bio crops solutions. We use latest technology LED's combined with efficient optical design. These factors have contributed to the increase our product range as well as increases in lightning efficiency. Our goal is providing good services to our customers. We always look for long term business relationship. If you are looking for high quality LED Lights or energy saving lighting solution along with prompt support & services then we assure you that AFFLUX will be the best choice for

AFFLUX Solutions R & D

We believe that research and development is the driver to growth, and innovation is the best way to create value. AFFLUX's consistent growth is due to us constantly challenges ourselves to stay ahead of competition, and find ways to help customers.

AFFLUX invests a good amount in R & D to make advancements in low watt, higher intensity efficiency, higher energy savings, higher performance and broader applications in our Hi-Power LED products.

Even though Afflux Solutions' Hi-Power LED products are already the highest intensity efficiency product, we continue to research broader applications and focus on reducing Hi-Power LED's heat dissipation even further. We are aiming at even lower areas of heat dissipation and longer life. This should help reduce cost, increase value and enhance profitability - the trilateral win-win scenario.

Low Power Energy Applications

Afflux Solutions designs and assembles LED, LVD and Blaster technology lighting products.

These products are good for Indoor & Outdoor commercial lights, Hotels, Conference and/or Meeting rooms, Factories & Offices, Commercial Complexes, Residential & Institution Buildings, Schools, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals etc.

AFFLUX Solutions is dedicated to Green technology. Our constant innovation allowed us to provide higher levels of power saving LEDs. Our 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 75W and 100W are currently the brightest LED in the market. In fact, due to improvements to the production process, brighter, more uniform, have a longer life, better quality, and Higher CRI over 90. They are useful in streetlight, car light, and interior and exterior lighting systems.

The infrared emitting diodes are mainly used in CCTV camera, medical devices, remote control, auto door sensor, smoke detector, and CCD auxiliary lighting system.


  • Safety, anti-knock and breake-proof,
  • It saves upto 80% energy than filament lamp,
  • Good design for heat dissipation,
  • Non-pollution, flicker free, no UV and no electromagnetic radiations,
  • Available in various colors, Green lighting sources, Solid long life span and Little maintenance costs,
  • Safe and harmless

Why we are different

High Quality LED Lights and Energy Saving Lighting Solution Provider - Afflux Solutions.

Our LED lighting is widely used in commercial, industrial, landscape, plant growing lighting and so on. Our goal is providing high quality LED lighting and good services to our customers. We always look for long term business relationship. If you are looking for high quality LED Lights or energy saving lighting solution, please feel free to contact us immediately!
AFFLUX Solutions - Green All Around