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  • Solar Optional


    Mini UPS

    Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) have become an indispensable element of many data processing installations (EDP), from desktop PC's to mainframe computer systems. UPS systems provide a measure of insurance and security for the user who is concerned about data loss and hardware failures caused by power disturbances. The measure of insurance needed is proportional to the financial impact of the downtime caused by such an incident best quality power system guarantees long life time.


    6 months:warranty
    6 Hour : backup
    1 : Mobile charger
    2 :led bulb 3.7 watt
    1 :Solar Panel: 10W or more(optional)
    1 :Battery 12v ,7amp or more(optional)


  • Solar Optional


    6 months :warranty
    9 Hour :backup
    1 : Mobile charger
    1 :led bulb 3.7 watt
    1 :fan 12watt,1 amp
    1 :Solar Panel 10W or more(optional)
    1 :Battery: 12v ,12amp or more(optional)


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