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solar panel

Solar power is energy generated from the heat or light from the sun which can be used to produce heat, light, hot water, electricity, and cooling in a wide variety of applications including grid-tied and off-grid cabins and homes, commercial businesses, and industries such as oil and gas, telecommunications, remote traffic control equipment, remote sensing, and remote lighting.

How an Off Grid Solar System Works

OFF GRID refers to a power system that generates electricity such as a solar array. The energy produced is stored in batteries and the energy system isn't connected to the utility power grid.

ON GRID refers to a energy power system that's connected to the utility power grid. In the case of a solar energy system, excess power from the solar array, not used by the home/business is fed into the utility grid and the utility meter records the power excess as a credit. This excess is then used when solar power is not available. Batteries aren't needed in a on grid system.

Common Off Grid Solar applications

As mentioned above, off grid solar is predominately used in situations where electrical power is not available or to costly to obtain. Probably the most common use of off grid solar would be lighting. Solar lighting is easy to install and when LED lights are used the amount of power needed to run the lights is minimal. Solar lighting is often used for parking lots, traffic signals, railroad and security lighting. Other applications include remote cabins, boats, RV’s, outdoor lighting, gate openers, water wells, pumps, outdoor storage, remote business applications, beach houses, signs, and traffic warning lights.









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